I've got the itch to travel 

In these twenty-some-odd years of playing and singing, I've never gone on any sort of tour.  So, as I look forward to these next seasons and beyond I am working to set up tours here in the region, as well as overseas!  I've never done this before, and the learning curve is straight up, but I am determined!  If you have any good advice, lay it on me!


Playing the Sheldon tonight! 

Tonight my good friend Abbie Steiling is joining me for a show at The Sheldon!  We are opening up for The Quebe Sisters--an unbelievably cool fiddle trio, Texas-meets-The-Andrews-Sisters like!  The show is upstairs in the ballroom, because I'm sure there will be some two-steppers out tonight!  

Abbie and I go on at 8:00.  Come check it out!  This will be one to tell your diary about.  

State Streets re-mastered by Brad Sarno 

The world famous audio genius Brad Sarno has remastered State Streets!  The new re-masters are up on this website.  I was amazed at the clarity he brought out in the recordings.  And the drums really kick now!  Give it a listen!  

You can stream it or download it for any price you'd like, starting at zero!  

The last Brunch today 

Sunday, December 27 we wrap up our year as the house band at Jazz at The Bistro.  It has been an amazing run.  Wonderful times, great friends, and... THE BISTRO!  I never dreamed...

Brunch is 10-2.  Looking forward to playing!

River Front Times  

Christian Schaeffer at The River Front Times reviews STATE STREETS in this weeks issue.  He calls it "a compelling, romantic sketch of city life".  Pick up a copy--he gave us a whole-page review!  

Today is the day! 

We have released our new six-song album STATE STREETS for digital download!  You can get it here on the website for $8, or pick up the download card in person at  the listening party tonight at The Tick Tock Tavern, 7-9.   Just a casual celebration--hope you can make it!  And I hope you like the new record.  I'm really proud of it!  

Pics from Saturday in Tower Grove Park 

I had the time of my life playing the farmers market Saturday with Guerrilla Swing.  Jason Swagler--head of the jazz department at SIUE--played sax with us, and he blew my mind!  I had never met the guy before, but as soon as he walked up I recognized him from Vargas Swing, the mid 90's STL swing band that captivated me in my 20's.   I love how everything comes around again.

Sara A. Fink always gets spectacular photos--check out these from Saturday!

Pictures of Guerrilla Swing at The Tower Grove Farmers Market

Tommy Halloran performs music anyone would appreciate... He is to jazz as Uncle Tupelo was to country-western or Steve Earle to bluegrass. He possesses the schooling (both formal and hard-knocks) as well as the "chops" of a great jazzman... The basic truths of Delta-blues, swing, Gospel, and Bohemia are deeply rooted in Tommy's songwriting psyche. Like Randy Newman or Tom Waits (who seldom appear in the same sentence), his cooking belies his ingredients. He may not be "Chasin' the Bird", but he's certainly flippin' the bird as a top-rate improviser... Tommy embodies the original spirit of jazz. His blues, his bounce, and his ballads rival great musicians from any era.  - David Seymour, JazzReview.com (8/11/2005)

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