A week in music  

Hello, Friends! 

I have a full week of music to tell you about.... 

Tuesday at The Venice Cafe, 10:00-1:00.  The  St. Louis Blues with Jeremy Segel-Moss and Eric McSpadden 
Wednesday at Pop's Blue Moon, 8:00-11:00.  'It's Hip To Tip', featuring Abbie Steiling and Andy Hainz.  A night of music - no cover, and the band plays just for tips! 
Thursday at Robust Wine Bar in Webster Groves, 7:00-10:00.  Duo with violinist, Abbie Steiling. 
Friday at Live In The Living Room, 9:00-11:00.  Tommy Halloran's Guerrilla Strings -  a night of original music in an intimate listening room environment!  Not to be missed! 
Saturday at The Midtown Farmers Market in The Loop, 10:00am-Noon.  Tommy Halloran's Guerrilla Swing, featuring Montez Coleman, Mark Wallace, and Michael Ferrante. 
Sunday at Tamm Avenue Grill, 4:00-7:00.  Duo with guitarist, Joe Park.  Patio gig, dog-friendly, gameroom! 
Sunday at San Loo, 9:00.  Solo performance to benefit friends whose home burned  down -- a very, very worthy cause a a great, full night of music! 

I hope you can catch a show this week!

The last day of my 30's  

Tomorrow is the last day before I am officially 'over the hill', so I'm marking the occasion with as much music as possible!

10:30 AM - Church service at The Center for Divine Love, with Irene Allen and Chris Powers
2:00 PM - 15th Annual Rock n' Roll Shrimp Boil at The Maya Cafe, with Abbie Steiling and Andy Hainz
4:00 PM - Tamm Avenue Grill Patio Party, with Joe Park
9:00 PM - Broadway Oyster Bar, with Joe Park
Midnight - Drinks to a new decade!  


Shows this week!  

Another great week in music!  

Tuesday - Venice Cafe, 10:00.  St. Louis Blues with Jeremy Segel-Moss and Eric McSpadden
Thursday - Gramophone, 5:00.  Tommy Halloran, solo happy hour.
Friday - Gramophone, 6:00.  Tommy Halloran, solo happy hour.
Saturday - Magpie's, 5:00-8:00.  Tommy Halloran's Guerrilla Strings Trio (Abbie Steiling & Andy Hainz)
Sunday - Maya Cafe, 2:00-3:00.  15th Annual Rock n' Roll Shrimp Boil.  Tommy Halloran's Guerrilla Strings Trio
Sunday - Tamm Avenue Grill, 4:00-7:00.  Tommy Halloran & Joe Park
Sunday - Broadway Oyster Bar, 9:00-12:00.  Tommy Halloran & Joe Park

at midnight Sunday Joe and I will be celebrating our birthdays with drinks.  Do join us!  

Shows this week!  

Hello, friends!  I have a just a few shows this week to let you know about, and they happen to be at three of my favorite places!  

Tuesday at  The Venice Cafe with Jeremy Segel-Moss & Co.  10:00
Wednesday at Nathalie's with violinist Abbie Steiling, 7:00-10:00
Saturday at The Broadway Oyster Bar with Bottoms Up Blues Gang, 10:00

These will all be great shows with super musicians--I hope you can make it out!


Shows this week!  

I have a coupleshows this week that promise to be a lot of fun.  

Wednesday at Nathalie's in the Central West End, 7:00-10:00.  Duo w/ violin. 
Friday at The Saint Louis Zoo, 5:00-8:00 with Guerrilla Swing.  

Hope you can make it out!  

- Tommy

Gigs this week!  

Hello, Everyone!  I have a few gigs this week to tell you about--lots of variety this week.  Hope you can catch a show! 

Tuesday July 5- Venice Cafe, 10:00-12:30.  I'm playing blues with Eric McSpadden and Jeremy Segel-Moss!  Free! 
Wednesday July 6 - Magnolia Cafe at KDHX, 5:00-7:00.  It's a free show!  Playing with guitarist Joe Park and bassist Andy Hainz. 
Wednesday July 6 - Pop's Blue Moon, 8:00-11:00.  It's another free show, this one featuring Abbie Steiling on violin.  We'll be playing a bunch of originals! 
Thursday July 7 - Robust Wine Bar in Webster, 7:00-10:00.  Playing a free show with the great saxophonist, Matt McKeever! 
Friday July 8 - Food Truck Friday in Tower Grove Park, 4:00-7:30.  Guerrilla Swing is playing a free show in the park with so much great food from STL food trucks! 

Thank you so much! 

voted Best Jazz! 

Great news-- for the third year in a row my band has been voted 'Best Jazz' in STL in the Riverfront Times Music Awards!  Huge thanks you to you all for your support!  


We have been invited to play the grand 20th Anniversary Year Twangfest next month!  The phone call asking if we'd like to do it was funny.  A certain amount of it was me explaining that I'm not much of a twang-er.  Not to worry, I was assured.  They wanted us to be there, so I said yes!  We are playing Thursday June 9 at Off Broadway with Hurray For The Riff Raff and Nikki Lane.  (I told a friend I was a little embarrassed because I hadn't heard of these bands, and he said, "It's okay.  They know your brother."  Haha!  Anyway, yes... very, very excited about this.  Here is a LINK TO TICKETS.  

I have made some changes to Guerrilla Swing leading up to this show and to a summer of fun concerts.  Kyle Honeycutt is behind the drums; Josh Holdridge on bass; Matt McKeever on woodwinds; Kristian Baarsvik on woodwinds; and Leslie Sanazaro will be playing keys and singing with us for a few shows!  We have a bunch of new tunes that we are excited to play, not to mention a handful of songs I have wanted to play since the Ambiguous "They" days but haven't had the vehicle.  Yeah... I'm excited.  This Twangfest show is going to be great.   Hope you'll be there!

Tommy Halloran performs music anyone would appreciate... He is to jazz as Uncle Tupelo was to country-western or Steve Earle to bluegrass. He possesses the schooling (both formal and hard-knocks) as well as the "chops" of a great jazzman... The basic truths of Delta-blues, swing, Gospel, and Bohemia are deeply rooted in Tommy's songwriting psyche. Like Randy Newman or Tom Waits (who seldom appear in the same sentence), his cooking belies his ingredients. He may not be "Chasin' the Bird", but he's certainly flippin' the bird as a top-rate improviser... Tommy embodies the original spirit of jazz. His blues, his bounce, and his ballads rival great musicians from any era.  - David Seymour, JazzReview.com (8/11/2005)

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