a rainy Monday

It's gray and cold outside my window, but I'm up here with my guitar, working on a new waltz.  
I have a week full of fun shows lined up.  Here is where I am playing.  Hope to see you!  

Monday @ Scarlett's Wine Bar, solo 7-10 
Tuesday @ Venice Cafe w/ Jeremy Segel-Moss, 10-1 
Wednesday @ Evangeline's, solo 8:15-9:15 
Thursday @ Robust Wine Bar in Webster, w/ Kristian Baarsvik 7-10 
Friday @ Venice Cafe w Tommy Halloran's Guerrilla Swing, 9-1 
Sunday @ Atomic Cowboy, solo brunch 11-2

Also, Moan & Shout arrived from discmakers the other day.  A week from tomorrow is the listening party at the Tick Tock Tavern on Tuesday 12/6.  That will a good catching up over a few beers time.  

Back to my guitar - have a great day!

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