Guerrilla Swing in Tower Grove Park this Saturday - FREE show!

The call just came in for Guerrilla Swing the farmers' market in Tower Grove Park this Saturday!  This is a super fun gig that is very family friendly.  Chairs are set up in the shade of the pavilion in which we play,  just steps away from dozens of vendors selling everything from boutique cheeses to knife sharpening services.  Come early for yoga in the park, if that's your thing! 

A few weeks back Guerrilla Swing had a great time playing the Food Truck Friday event in the park, and just last weekend we played a fundraiser to renovate the Chinese Pavilion!  I met the new director of the park that night, and he really seems like a good guy.  All of this coincides with me almost daily spending hours on end in the park with my kids and by myself, skateboarding, walking, and just enjoying it.  That I get to play music there is just a super bonus.  

I hope to see you this weekend! 

Twangfest Presents: GadellNet Saturday Sessions with Tommy Halloran's Guerrilla Swing

Date: Saturday, September 26
Location: West Pool Pavilion at the Tower Grove Farmers' Market in Tower Grove Park.
Map:,-90.2609656,17z (The pavilion is just 50 yards to the west of the big circle roundabout on the map.)

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