Moan & Shout - NOW AVAILABLE!

In  2010 I finished a record entitled Moan & Shout which was never released.  It features ten original songs, including early recordings of Gardenias For Rita and Under The Catalpa Trees, and it stars many of STL's finest musicians... Matthew Murdick, Kari Liston, Leslie Sanazaro, Tom Maloney, Eric McSpadden, Jeremy Segel-Moss, Jeremy Pfeffer, John Halloran, Charlie Halloran, Adam Hucke, Louis Goldford, and Colin Blair... everyone was new to the music, and we just let it fly!  There's a spirit to this record that is special.    

Now, for the first time, Moan & Shout is available in some way other than me handing you a burned copy at the bar!  Download it today!


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