We have been invited to play the grand 20th Anniversary Year Twangfest next month!  The phone call asking if we'd like to do it was funny.  A certain amount of it was me explaining that I'm not much of a twang-er.  Not to worry, I was assured.  They wanted us to be there, so I said yes!  We are playing Thursday June 9 at Off Broadway with Hurray For The Riff Raff and Nikki Lane.  (I told a friend I was a little embarrassed because I hadn't heard of these bands, and he said, "It's okay.  They know your brother."  Haha!  Anyway, yes... very, very excited about this.  Here is a LINK TO TICKETS.  

I have made some changes to Guerrilla Swing leading up to this show and to a summer of fun concerts.  Kyle Honeycutt is behind the drums; Josh Holdridge on bass; Matt McKeever on woodwinds; Kristian Baarsvik on woodwinds; and Leslie Sanazaro will be playing keys and singing with us for a few shows!  We have a bunch of new tunes that we are excited to play, not to mention a handful of songs I have wanted to play since the Ambiguous "They" days but haven't had the vehicle.  Yeah... I'm excited.  This Twangfest show is going to be great.   Hope you'll be there!

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