No gig today, so I spent some time practicing and working on a new song this morning.  It always feels good to play guitar.  Then I realized that I have two CDs en route to me from the manufacturer, and that I could maybe have a listening party.  So, I wrote Thomas over at The Tick Tock Tavern, and we set up an listening/release party for 'Moan & Shout'.  It's been eight or nine years since we recorded that album.  I listened to it the other day, and I'm still proud of it.  It is loose and casual, but the vibe is right, and the tunes are all tunes I still play.  Yes, I'm happy to be finally putting this album out.  
So, if you're in STL on December 6th, we'll be having a little get-together at The Tick Tock Tavern from 7:00-9:00 to listen to the record, drink some beers, and generally enjoy ourselves, and we'd love it if you came by.  

All the best,

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