Wednesday, October 11

Hello! I haven't written in bit. It's been a busy season, what with recording and writing and playing and the world coming apart at the seams. And so it goes. 

I am excited to tell you all that in November my band Guerrilla Swing is going to begin a winter residency at Das Bevo, playing every Friday night from 8-11. Admission will be free, and we will welcome jazz musicians who want to sit in. The regular band will feature Kaleb Kirby on drums, Rob Nugent on sax, Max Kelly on bass, and yours truly playing guitar and singing. We are hoping to turn this into a long-running go-to spot for jazz on the southside. Hope you will come check it out! 

Also, we are going to take out third stab at recording this new album. Third times a charm, right? 

I'm playing most nights - why don't you come up and see me sometime?

much love,


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