River Front Times, May 2010 "...The mood is so sweet-and-low, so eternally easygoing that you'd be forgiven for swatting imaginary mosquitoes with an equally imaginary straw hat when this disc is playing...."

Alive Magazine, May 2014 "...he has forged a musical path for himself, becoming one of the hardest working musicians in the area...."

River Front Times, September 2014 "...Just the best band in St. Louis, doing its thing — and worth seeing every time...."

St. Louis Magazine, June 2013 " ...He can croon and strum a classic country or Americana cut with the best of them...."

River Front Times, January 2014 "...Halloran's honeyed growl and skilled guitar work is enough to fill up a room...."

St. Louis Beacon, December 2013 "...His jazz-inflected guitar work and mellow vocal approach fit in well...."

St. Louis Post-Dispatch, March 2015 "...we’re not your sleepy Sunday morning jazz band...."