A Day Filled with Music 

It's a cold December day, and I have music planned all day!

I'm going to be playing outside Left Bank Books in the Central West End from 1:00-5:00, and then I'm racing over to the Venice to play with Max Kelly and Dr. Bennett Wood from 5:30-8:00! Hope you can make it out!


I have added a page to the website--lyrics! 

They're not all up there yet, but I'm working on it. And it's been a really fun little project. More to come! 

Guitar lessons 

By the way, I do teach guitar lessons. 

I teach 1-hour lessons at my apartment for $40, or I can come to you for $50. 

Guitar is not that hard--that's why there are so many guitarists. You can do it, too. 

For real.

Sandlot baseball 

I grew up two blocks away from the Magic House. In fact, before it was the Magic House it was just a house that my folks looked at when they were house-hunting. 

I only went a handful of times as a kid, but I spent endless hours playing baseball in the field behind the school next door. This afternoon I'm playing music at The Magic House with my friends. That's a bit like playing sandlot baseball. 

It will be nice to go back to the old neighborhood. Guerrilla Swing plays 4:00-6:30 in the garden. Hope you can make it!

my August shows 

Hello Friends, 

I hope you are all having a good August! These are the shows I am playing this month. I hope you can make it out--it will be great to see you!

August 9 - Magpie's on Main Street in St. Charles, Trio 6:00-9:00

August 10 - Francis Park w/ Al Holliday & The East  Side Rhythm Band for Grub & Groove (evening)

August 11 - Alpha Brewing Co. Duo 2:00 - 5:00

August 15 -  Taytro's Bistro (Festus) with saxophonist Bennett Wood, 6:00-9:00

August 16 - Central West End street show @ Maryland & Euclid, 6:00-9:00

August 18 - The Dark Room, with Rob Nugent and Max Kelly. Brunch, 11:30 - 2:00

August 23 - Magpie's on Main Street in St. Charles, Trio 6:00-9:00

August 25 - Magpie's on Main Street in St. Charles, trio noon-3:00

August 28 - Songbird Cafe at The Focal Point, with Emily Wallace, Ryne Watts, & Devon Cahill 7:30

August 29 - my birthday! (I guess this isn't actually a show)

August 31 - Queeny Park Art Fair, trio 11:00-2:00

August 31 - The Dark Room, my solo debut at the Dark Room! 6:00-8:00 


Also, all four CDs are free to download, if you haven't yet... just sayin'.

Thanks for listening, and see you soon!

Tommy Halloran

Robust Wine Bar Tonight 

It's the first Thursday of the month, which means I will be playing at Robust Wine Bar in Webster Groves with my friend Rob Nugent, saxophonist extraordinaire! We play 7-10. Hope to see you there!

Alpha Brewing tonight 

I'm playing with Rob at Alpha Brewing tonight. We had a solid rehearsal with Max last night.  Gonna try out some new tunes this evening. By new, of course, I generally mean old, but new to us. One of them is a tune I wrote back in '02 which Al Holliday's band recently recorded for a new record coming out this summer. Easiest Thing in the World. (Al's record is going to be sick, by the way.) Hope to see some friends at the gig this evening!

tonight in Festus 

First, I've lost my glasses, so I won't know if I have made any typos. Sorry in advance!

I am playing tonght at Taytro's in Festus ith Bennett Wood, saxophonist extraordinaire! 6:00-9:00.

It's a bit of a drive, but worth if for the food and music I promise! See you there!



Hello, Friends and Family! 

     As many of you know, I set myself on a course of self-study when I dropped out of music school for medical reasons (there was a giant chip on my shoulder). I replaced the classroom with gigs and set out an intensive practicum of playing in basically every restaurant in St. Louis. After some decades and thousands of hours of performing, I am officially graduating from restaurant gigs to seek a career in music (haha!). 

     All joking aside, I have learned a tremendous amount playing dinner gigs. It has been invaluable experience musically, socially, and professionally. I am at this point dedicating my musical energy to playing concerts in dedicated music venues and to teaching. I still have restaurant gigs on the books, but I am already phasing those out. 

     I will be announcing some summer/fall concerts soon, and I am excited about these in ways that are new. I will never quit playing. The dream was always to play concerts for people who love music (but sometimes a person can fall into a career playing for people who love chicken wings!). (I suppose it's possible a person can love both.) 

     I will also be taking on more students. I teach lessons in my home in South City at $40/hour. There is no age level or pre-requisite level of skill, but there is a pre-requisite level of interest. Please email me if you or someone you know might be interested. Here is a link to a YoutTube lesson I created last fall that will give you an idea as to my lesson style. Wax On/Wax Off Guitar #1. 

     I remember when I quit school to pursue music on my own and when I quit my desk job to become a full-musician. Those things felt kind of like jumping off a cliff, and this does too, a little. Here goes nothing! 

Thanks for all your support! 

Tommy Halloran

Tommy Halloran performs music anyone would appreciate... He is to jazz as Uncle Tupelo was to country-western or Steve Earle to bluegrass. He possesses the schooling (both formal and hard-knocks) as well as the "chops" of a great jazzman... The basic truths of Delta-blues, swing, Gospel, and Bohemia are deeply rooted in Tommy's songwriting psyche. Like Randy Newman or Tom Waits (who seldom appear in the same sentence), his cooking belies his ingredients. He may not be "Chasin' the Bird", but he's certainly flippin' the bird as a top-rate improviser... Tommy embodies the original spirit of jazz. His blues, his bounce, and his ballads rival great musicians from any era.  - David Seymour, JazzReview.com (8/11/2005)

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