working on a new song 

It has been almost a year since I finished a new song. I've always been a slow writer, but that's way too slow, even for me. So, I am pressing forward with all of my energy on a new song--one I've been working on for a few months. And not only am I pressing forward with this song, but with music in general. Like any job, after a while it can become easy to kind of phone it in, and I am afraid I have been guilty of that at times. But, Springtime is here, and I ready and determined to make new music! 

this week in music 

more fun gigs this week. I'm playing...

Tuesday @ Venice Cafe, 10:00pm, w/ Jeremy Segel-Moss & Co.

Thursday @ Thaxton Speakeasy, 9:00, w/ Rob Nugent

Sunday @ Broadway Oyster Bar, 12:00-3:00, solo

Hope to see you!

some fun gigs this week! 


I have a few fun gigs this week to tell you all about...

Tuesday @ The Venice Cafe w/ Jeremy Segel-Moss & Eric McSpadden, 10:00

Wednesday @ Grand Center Jazz Crawl @ KDHX w/ Austin Cebulskii, 5:00-7:00

Thursday@ The Shaved Duck w/ Adam Andrews, 6:30-9:30

Sunday @ The Dark Room w/ Max Kelly @ Rob Nugent, brunch 11:30-2:00

I am excited to play--hope you can make it out!



tonight in Webster w/ Kristian 

It is the first Thursday of the month which means I am playing at Robust Wine Bar in Webster Groves tonight! I'll be joined the amazing Kristian Baarsvik (you won't believe your ears!) for a night of jazz standards and originals. This is always a really fun and relaxing night. Come out for some wine and music--you deserve it!

today in the Loop, tomorrow St. Charles 

Tommy Halloran's Guerrilla Swing plays a free show today in the Loop at the Midtown Farmers Market from 10:15am-12:45pm, and tomorrow I play at Magpie's with Max Kelly & Rob Nugent from noon-3:00. 

Robust Wine Bar tonight 

I'm playing in Webster Groves with Kristian Baarsvik tonight at Robust Wine Bar from 7-10.

It's free, low-key and classy. Great wines & food, of course. Hope to see you!

Evangeline's tonight! 

I am playing tonight in the Central West End at the wonderful restaurant Evangeline's. Everything about this place is great. I highly recommend it, and I hope you can make it tonight. I'll sing a special song just for you!

Tommy Halloran performs music anyone would appreciate... He is to jazz as Uncle Tupelo was to country-western or Steve Earle to bluegrass. He possesses the schooling (both formal and hard-knocks) as well as the "chops" of a great jazzman... The basic truths of Delta-blues, swing, Gospel, and Bohemia are deeply rooted in Tommy's songwriting psyche. Like Randy Newman or Tom Waits (who seldom appear in the same sentence), his cooking belies his ingredients. He may not be "Chasin' the Bird", but he's certainly flippin' the bird as a top-rate improviser... Tommy embodies the original spirit of jazz. His blues, his bounce, and his ballads rival great musicians from any era.  - David Seymour, (8/11/2005)

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