Hello, Friends and Family! 

     As many of you know, I set myself on a course of self-study when I dropped out of music school for medical reasons (there was a giant chip on my shoulder). I replaced the classroom with gigs and set out an intensive practicum of playing in basically every restaurant in St. Louis. After some decades and thousands of hours of performing, I am officially graduating from restaurant gigs to seek a career in music (haha!). 

     All joking aside, I have learned a tremendous amount playing dinner gigs. It has been invaluable experience musically, socially, and professionally. I am at this point dedicating my musical energy to playing concerts in dedicated music venues and to teaching. I still have restaurant gigs on the books, but I am already phasing those out. 

     I will be announcing some summer/fall concerts soon, and I am excited about these in ways that are new. I will never quit playing. The dream was always to play concerts for people who love music (but sometimes a person can fall into a career playing for people who love chicken wings!). (I suppose it's possible a person can love both.) 

     I will also be taking on more students. I teach lessons in my home in South City at $40/hour. There is no age level or pre-requisite level of skill, but there is a pre-requisite level of interest. Please email me if you or someone you know might be interested. Here is a link to a YoutTube lesson I created last fall that will give you an idea as to my lesson style. Wax On/Wax Off Guitar #1. 

     I remember when I quit school to pursue music on my own and when I quit my desk job to become a full-musician. Those things felt kind of like jumping off a cliff, and this does too, a little. Here goes nothing! 

Thanks for all your support! 

Tommy Halloran

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  • Rubina
    Rubina Pakistan
    It was very instructional announcement that you have shared with us thanks

    It was very instructional announcement that you have shared with us thanks

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