practice, practice, practice

I have been practicing a lot and using my tape recorder in the process. I highly recommend this, and I am embarrassed to say that this is the first time I have really tried this sort of critical self-examination in my practice routine. I realize it is invaluable. I hear immediately that things I believed I had down I don't and areas where I believed I suffered I am not nearly as bad off as I thought. Yes, I can't recommend this kind of practice highly enough.

Also, I have some gigs coming up--tonight at the Missouri Botanical Garden with Kristian Baarsvik and Max Kelly. Tomorrow (Sunday) at Magpie's in St. Charles, noon-3 w/ Rob Nugent and Max Kelly. Monday night I play solo at Yaquis, 8-11, and Tuesday of course I'll be at The Venice Cafe w/ Jeremy Segel-Moss & Eric McSpadden. 

I hope YOU can make it out to a show!



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